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Pencil/Pen Storage

Pencil/Pen Storage




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Assorted Pencil Holders
...Green Oath Sliding Pencil Box: 8" x 6" x 4" biodegradable. Snap closure. Available in Pink, Purple, White, Blue, Green, Black ($1.50)
...Colorful Wire Mesh Pencil Cups: Sturdy 3" x 3.5" metal pencil holders. Available in green, orange, pink and blue ($2.50)
...Larger Wire Mesh Pencil Cups: Study 4.25" x 3.6" metal pencil holders. Available in black or silver ($2.50)
...Onyx and Green Jute Binder Pouch:  Biodegradeable and natural materials.6.5"x10". Zippered with loops for adding to binder. Available in Turquoise, Red, Green and Purple ($5.75)
...Onyx and Green Ramie and Jute Pencil Pouch: Biodegradeable and natural materials. Zippered with handle. 9" x 5.5" x 3" Available in Green, Blue, Pink and Black ($12.00)
...ZipIt Colorz Case: 8.2" x .7" x 3.9" Case is one long zipper in bright colors. ($6.00)
...Officemate Pencil Cup: Small black plastic pencil cup. Made from 30% post consumer recycled plastic. ($1.50)

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