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Beyond the Valley

Beyond the Valley




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Beyond the Valley: Be Worthy of Your Heritage, is a compilation of the citations and the remarks of the first 30 recipients of the Heritage Award, Deerfield Academy's highest Alumni honor recognizing the recipients' outstanding contributions to public service and civil enterprise. Those among the honorees include; The Hon. Robert Morgenthau '37, Senator John Chafee '40, Dr. Robert Binswanger '48, Amb. Warren Zimmerman, David Childs '59, Father Thomas Keating '40, Eric Widmer '57 and 23 others. Edited by foreign language teacher and poet, Andrea Moorhead. Hardcover. 158 pgs. Published by the Deerfield Academy Press. Copyright 2013 Trustees of Deerfield Academy and the Authors. ISBN 978-0-9755758-9-9.

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