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The Deerfield Academy®Online Store

It's Reunion Time at Deerfield! Welcome to the '4s and '9s. We're happy to have you back on campus for a weekend of fun, amazing memories, great food and a chance to see what's new in the Valley. Be sure to check out what's new in the stores as well. And you won't want to miss our great Athletic Store Sale going on all weekend!

Of course, if you can't make it to the valley to add to your collection of Green and White, have a look through the online store and let us send a little your way.

Special Store Hours for Reunion Weekend

Hitchcock House

6/6 CLOSED | 6/7 10:00-5:30 | 6/8 9:00-5:30 | 6/9 9:00-1:00

The Athletic Store

6/6 11:00-4:00 | 6/7 9:30-5:00 | 6/8 9:00-5:30 | 6/9 9:00-1:00