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Customer Service


Shipping and handling rates are based on the total amount of your order.
$8.00 for orders up to $50.00
$10.00 for orders $50.01 to $100.00
$12.50 for orders $100.01 to $150.00
$15.00 for orders $150.01 to $300.00
$20.00 for orders $300.01 and up
All regular domestic orders are shipped via USPS Priority mail. Most orders arrive in 2-3 business days. The USPS includes Saturday delivery. Please allow up to 2 weeks for receipt. For information on non-standard, rush and international delivery options and costs, please call the Deerfield Academy Store at Hitchcock House, 413.774.1815.


If you receive an item that is incorrect in some way, please return it via Priority Mail to:
Hitchcock House
Deerfield Academy
7 Boyden Lane
Deerfield, MA 01342
Please include an indication of what is wrong and how you would like it corrected.

Sale merchandise is not returnable for refund or exchange.

Retail Store Hours

Deerfield Academy runs two retail locations on campus. Hitchcock House is the main campus store located in the historic red house along Albany Road directly in front of the Dining Hall. Hitchcock House offers Deerfield branded merchandise as well as school supplies, books, electronics, personal care, gift items, greeting cards and much more. The Athletic Store, located in the lower level of the Athletic Complex, offers much of the same Deerfield branded apparel, but also offers specific sports related apparel and equipment.

Hitchcock House is open Monday-Saturday
Mon. 8:00-5:30 | Tue. 8:00-5:30 | Wed. 8:00-5:30 | Thu. 8:00-5:30 | Fri. 8:00-5:30 | Sat. 10:30-3:00

The Athletic Store is open Monday-Saturday.
Mon. 3:00-5:30 | Tue. 3:00-5:30 | Wed. 12:00-5:30 | Thu. 3:00-5:30 | Fri. 3:00-5:30 | Sat. 10:30-5:30

Both stores will offer special schedules during on campus events.


If you receive something that is not as you expected, please return it for full credit or replacement. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Questions, Comments and Concerns

Please direct all questions, comments or concerns to:

Sandra Yager
Campus Stores Manager
Hitchcock House
Deerfield Academy
7 Boyden Lane
Deerfield, MA 013342
(413) 774-1815