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The campus is in quiet mode...between graduation/reunions and the beginning of summer camps in July. Many faculty are now gone for the summer and the staff and faculty who remain are enjoying the calm respite. There is much to be done in the summer months from the Physical Plant to the Registrar's Office and all those in between. Most offices on campus are humming along preparing for the next campus adventures. The Campus Stores are are mostly closed for the rest of the month for inventory and software upgrades, but we are still able to fill and send out orders. Hitchcock House will be open most of the rest of the summer from 9-3 Monday-Friday. We hope you'll stop in to say hi when you're on campus! And if you can't make it to the valley to add to your collection of Green and White, have a look through the online store and let us send a little your way. Hope to see you soon!

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