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With recent weather tending toward unseasonable and record warmth, we're now anticipating our first significant snow storm of 2020 and a return of the cold, windy weather we expect from Winter in the Valley. With lots of snow arriving over the weekend, there will be tons of student entertainment and a little less adult apprehension for this one. While it's not Snowmageddon 2020, it does remind us that we are in the middle of January in New England! To keep you warm as the snow hits the fan, we're holding a blowout fleece sale in the Campus Stores. While the temps are bottoming out the next few weeks, we're dropping our prices to very exciting lows. From January 17-31, you'll find terrific bargains of up to 50% off selected fleece apparel to keep you warm this winter. When you're on campus, we hope you'll stop in to say hi. And if you can't make it to the valley to add to your collection of Green and White, have a look through the online store and let us send a little your way. Hope to see you soon!