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The Deerfield Academy®Online Store

Students have returned to campus for the start of Winter Term. As we continue to safely navigate the pandemic, Hitchcock House is now the temporary home of day students housed on campus to help in containing the 'bubble'. For the remainder of the year, the Campus Stores will operate out of the Athletic Store in the lower level of the Athletic Complex. When the students emerge from their return Quarantine, we will reopen the store for counter-service and store pickups. We are also offering dorm delivery for our students. The store will be unable to safely accommodate in-store shopping due to its size and the campus will continue to be closed to the public. Since we can't welcome you to the valley right now to add to your collection of Green and White, have a look through the online store and let us send a little your way. We wish you all continued good health and hope to see you in the not too distant future.!

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